Do you paint large family portraits?  

YES!  The BestThaiArtist can paint your family no matter how many members no matter what the setting.  From Thanksgiving to family/class reunions to wedding parties.  The BestThaiArtist can paint them all in great detail.  Simply contact the BestThaiArtist   for a quote!

What is the best photograph to use?

It is not ncessary to use a professional photograph.  Professional photographs are great too but the BestThaiArtist can do a stunning portait from a good, clear everyday amateur photograph too.  Just remember, the more detail the photos show of the subject, the better.  It is most helpful when the artist can see faces clearly.  Features, such as eye color and hair color and style should be visible in the picture (or augmented by supplying the artist with additional photos).  If you are uncertain of the quality of the photo, we recommend that you send two or three to get exactly the right details.

Can I modify the painting and change some of the details?

YES!  The BestThaiArtist is an expert at making any changes you need in your painting.  People can be eliminated or added.  Clothing, hair and eye color and backgrounds can be changed.  The BestThaiArtist can even combine two photos making one painting.  Please put all modification requests on the order form and contact the BestThaiArtist   for a specific price quote.

My old treasured photo is somewhat creased, bent and water damaged.  Can you still use it?

YES!  The BestThaiArtist can paint portraits from damaged photos.  First, send him the photo so that he may evaluate the extent of the damage.  If the damage is too severe and he is unable to pull out enough details of sufficient quality to produce a painting, he will contact you immediately.  Remember, Jaran is not called the BestThaiArtist for nothing!  The fact is, Jaran does miraculous work!

Can I send digital photos by email?

YES!  When scanning the photo please make sure to scan the photos with the maximum available dpi (dots per inch) so that the BestThaiArtist can see the details.  A minimum of 600dpi or a file size of 50k or larger would be advisable, but he can work with whatever you have.  You will be contacted (via e-mail) upon receipt of your request. 

What do you consider a detailed background?

A detailed background is one that requires substantial additional effort by the BestThaiArtist.  Some examples of detailed backgrounds would be a flower garden, a forest or mountains in the background.  A detailed lace wedding dress or flower bouquet/corsage are also considered a detailed background.

Will my photo be returned?

YES!  Your personal photos will be carefully handled by the BestThaiArtist and promptly returned to you with the completetd artwork.

How long will it take to receive my portrait after my payment?

From the time payment is received to delivery, 4 to 8 weeks at the most.




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